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Portable wireless WBGT meter

Heat Shield stand-alone module

Codice: ELR600M

Small black globe sphere (5 cm diameter).

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Portable wireless WBGT meter – Heat Shield


  • Quick, real-time, reliable and accurate assessment of indoor and outdoor heat stress WBGT index (ISO7243);
  • Real-time assessment of the thermal comfort PMV- PPD index (ISO7730);
  • Verification probe for assessment of the system calibration;
  • Stand alone modules (ELR600M / ELR605M) and built-in radio technology models (ELR610M / ELR615M) for simultaneous, wireless monitoring in different locations/heights;
  • Rated IP54 to withstand harsh environmental conditions;
  • Use of the measured wet bulb temperature for the calculation of the WBGT;
  • 8 MB memory for extended data logging;
  • Battery Life: 200h (with radio on 20h);
  • Automatic start/stop of measurements;
  • Design and performances according to ISO7243 and ISO7726;
  • HS Manager program included for data downloading, data assesment and data reporting;
  • Data export to TEA software for additional features, including additional index calculation as: Predicted Heat Strain (PHS-ISO7923), Required Clo-thing Insulation (IREQ-ISO11079) index.


Heat Shield is equipped with built-in sensors to measure:

  • globe temperature (tg);
  • wet bulb temperature (tnw);
  • dry bulb temperature (ta);
  • relative humidity (rh);
  • air speed (va) (external, optional).
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