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P-510 Portable PH meter

Main Features
●Large LCD screen with controllable white backlight.
●Built-in microprocessor chip with functions of auto calibration, auto temperature compensation, data storage, function setup,self-diagnosis, auto shut off, low voltage display.
●Auto recognition of standard pH buffers and there are three kinds of standard buffers for option: USA series, NIST series and China series.
●Can set up pH measurement modes of high purity water and ammonia added pure water.
●Humanized designs like rack and skid proof shell make it more convenient for users.
●Equipped with standard solution and optional carrying case for outdoor purpose.
●IP57 waterproof housing.


pH Measuring range (-2.00 ~ 19.99)pH
Resolution 0.1/0.01 pH
Accuracy ±0.02 pH
Input current ≤2×10-12 A
Input impedance ≥1×1012 Ω
Stability ±0.01 pH/3h
Temp compensation (0 ~ 100)℃ (automatic)
mV Measuring range -1999mV ~ 0 ~ 1999mV
Resolution 1mV
Accuracy ±0.1% FS
Others Data storage 200 groups
Storage contents Series number, measuring value, measuring unit and temperature
Power Two AA batteries(1.5V)
Size & Weight 160×90×30mm/360g (instrument)

480×300×60mm/1KG (with packing)

Quality certificates ISO9001, CE
Working Conditions Ambient temperature (5 ~ 35)℃
Ambient humidity ≤85%
IP grade IP57

Standard Confituration

1. P-510 pH/mV meter                                                                                1 unit

2. pH electrode                                                                                            1 pc

3. Standard pH buffer(pH4.00, pH6.86 and pH9.18/50ml)             1 bottle/each

4. Backup AA battery                                                                                  2 pcs

5. Operation manual                                                                                   1 copy

6. Temperature electrode                                                                           1 pc

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