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PT-4000 Series Portable Turbidity Meter

Main Features

  • 4.3 inch color LCD screen with friendly UI makes operations easy.
  • Big storage space and support USB storage and data transfer to USB drive.
  • There are three standard piecewise curves in the system. Customers can create up to 200 piecewise curves subject to different concentrations which will literally improve measurement precision.
  • Adopt ARM9 main control chip which makes operations easy and smooth, instrument respond quickly.
  • Adopt advanced power management system, can show the battery status in real time and be charged via USB port on PC or vehicle which is very convenient for customers.
  • Adopt special and high precision light filter system to ensure the instrument’s stability and measurement precision.
  • Cold light source, narrowband interference, with long lifetime up to 100,000 hours.


Description Smart Turbidity High-precision Turbidity
Model PT-4000S PT-4000H
Minimum readout (NTU) 0.01 0.001
Measuring range (NTU) 5~100, 100~1000 5~100, 100~1000
Basic error ±5%FS ±3%FS
Repeatability ≤0.5% ≤0.5%
Zero drift ±0.5%FS ±0.5%FS
Applications Industrial waste water and river water Industrial waste water and river water
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