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Hi-Q High Volume Air Sampling PM 10


HI-Q Environmental Products Company offers five complete PM-10 sampling systems designed to meet or exceed U.S. EPA Federal Reference Method performance specifications for the collection of PM-10 in ambient air. Each of the five systems incorporates the same size selective inlet mounted on top of any of HI-Q’s five High Volume, Outdoor, TSP Air Sampling Systems depicted on the previous pages. The inlet is designed to sample at a flow rate of 40 CFM.

Product Highlights

  • Complete Systems Designed to Meet or Exceed U.S. EPA Federal Reference Method Performance Specifications for PM-10 Sampling
  • Three High Performance Systems to choose from
  • Brushless & Brushed Motor Driven 2 & 3-Stage Blowers Available
  • NIST Traceable Flow Calibration


Motor/Pump: PM10-5300AFC: Brushless, Electronic Control/3-Stage.
PM10-5200AFC: Brushless, Electronic Control/2-Stage.
PM10-4300AFC: Brushless, Electronic Control/3-Stage.
PM10-4200AFC: Brushless, Electronic Control/2-Stage.
PM10-3300BRL: Brushless, Mechanical Control/3-Stage.
PM10-3000BRL: Brushless, Mechanical Control/2 Stage.
PM10-2000: Brushed, Mechanical Control/2-Stage.
Housing Anodized Aluminum Outdoor Shelter with lockable control panel door. See HI-Q’s HVP-2000 & PM10-HEAD for overall  cabinet & Size Selective Inlet dimensions.
Calibrated Flow Range: 10-50 CFM (CMM unit calibration upon request). NIST Traceable Calibration.
Unit Net Weight: ~50 lbs. Cabinet Weight (avg.). 44 lbs. Size Selective Inlet. 20” x 20” x 50” @ 58 lbs. Cabinet Carton (avg.). 32” x 32” x 26” @ 52 lbs. Size Selective Inlet Carton.
Shipping Weight & Dimensions: 20” x 20” x 50” @ 58 lbs. Cabinet Carton (avg.).
32” x 32” x 26” @ 52 lbs. Size Selective Inlet Carton.
PM10-3-Stage Power Specifications: 115 VAC, 50/60 Hz.,10 Amp, 800 Watt
230 VAC, 50/60 Hz., 10.5 Amp, 1200 Watt
PM10-2-Stage Power Specifications: 115 VAC, 50/60Hz., 5.0 Amp, 250 Watt
230 VAC, 50/60Hz., 5.0 Amp, 400 Watt
PM10-2000 Power Specifications: 115 VAC, 50/60Hz., 9.0 Amp, 300 Air Watts
230 VAC, 50/60Hz., 4.6 Amp, 269 Air Watts
Elapsed Timer: (all units) Electronic, Resettable Hours & Tenths of Hours, LCD read out, 5 year internal battery.
Flow Totalizer: (PM10-4300& 4200 only) Resettable Standard Cubic Feet (total volume in cubic meters or liters upon request)
Flow Display: (PM10-4300 & 4200 only) Standard Cubic Feet per Minute (SCCM or SLPM display upon request)
Flow Calibrator: See Air Flow Calibrators
Filter Media: See Filter Media For Air Sampling Section
Optional Equipment: See “Options” listed above & Air Sampling Accessories
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