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Formaldehyde Meter HFX205-50

This Alert Meter is designed to detect formaldehyde in air. The Alert Meter shows the formaldehyde-concentration on site and thereby avoids time-consuming and expensive analysis in laboratories. The formaldehyde Alert Meter runs with help of an electromechanical sensor and is designed to determine the current permitted limit. A measurement can be accomplished in less than 30 seconds. The concentration is measured in ppm units. Some substances such as ethanol, propanol or methanol can interfere with the measuring data. An optionally purchasable hygrometer-sensor allows for a correction of the measured data in order to achieve accurate measurements.

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Measuring range 0…50 ppm
Solution 0.01 ppm
Accuracy < ± 2 %
Reaction time < 30 seconds
Data storage up to 500 datasets
Operation temperature 5 … 40 °C
Power Supply Li-ion battery (3.7 V/1200 mAh)
AC-adapter 100 … 240 V to 5 VDC / 1 A
Operation time 6 hrs. with batteries
Dimensions 80 x 36 x 150 mm
Weight approx. 200g
Interference with measuring rate of formaldehyde
Chemical Formaldehyde equivalent
100 ppm methanol 1 ppm
100 ppm ethanol 1 ppm
100 ppm isopropanol 0.5 ppm
100 ppm CO 1 ppm
25 ppm phenol 0.05 ppm
100 ppm acetaldehyde 0.5 ppm
100 ppm hydrogen 3 ppm
50 ppm hydrogen sulphide 0.5 ppm
50 ppm sulphur dioxide 0.5 ppm
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