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Compact Diffusion Multi-Gas Detectors

The MUNI MP420 is a compact and lightweight 4-gas detector for worker safety at hazardous locations, with four standard sensors for oxygen (O2), combustibles (LEL), carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrogen sulfide (H2S). Alternative sensors are low-power infrared methane (CH4), sulfur dioxide (SO2), and hydrogen cyanide (HCN). The detector is packaged in a robust housing with no moving parts. Its battery power offers 24 hrs for a standard 4-gas detector, and extended runtime when using a low-power infrared sensor. The simple, 2-button operation results in ultimate ease of use and significantly reduced time spent training the user. To save user cost, sensors are not interchangeable and must be specified at time of purchase.

Product Features

  • Compact, robust, lightweight & wearable
  • Auto backlit LCD with large numeric digits
  • Easy-to-navigate menu with two buttons
  • Battery operation 24 hours with pellistor LEL sensor extended time with low-power infrared LEL sensor
  • Tri-color status indicators on regular self-diagnosis of sensor, battery and circuit
  • Wide angle LED alarms
  • 1000 Events log
  • Combination charge adapter / micro-USB PC interface cable
  • IP-68 weather ingress rating
  • Optional BLE wireless connectivity
  • Optional MuniDock for convenient bump & calibration
  • Up to 4 factory-configured sensors selected from 8 sensor options
  • Sensors replaceable but not interchangeable (to save user cost).
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