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VM 40C Accelerometer

The PCE-VM 40C Accelerometer was designed for vibration and shock metering on buildings, bridges, towers, and other artificial structures. The Accelerometer measures vibrations in accordance to DIN 4150-3, BS 7385 and SN 640312A standards. With its internal memory for up to 100,000 readings, the PCE-VM 40C Accelerometer can determine the effects of construction sites, traffic, or industrial processing on buildings over a long period of time. You can choose between time-based and event-based recording, as well as between recording of short-time and long-time vibrations. It is also possible to set threshold levels which trigger an alarm signal when exceeded. With the built-in GSM module (optional), the device can send you SMS notifications once the alarm is triggered.

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Spesification Product :

Measuring units Peak value of vibration speed
Peak value of vibration acceleration
Supported standards DIN 4150-3; BS 7385; SN 640312A
Vibration sensor triaxial piezo-electric acceleration sensor
Display range (peak) acceleration 0.001 … 15 m/s²
Display range (peak) speed 0.01 … 2,400 mm/s at 1 Hz
0.01 … 30 mm/s at 80 Hz
Accuracy (reference value: 16 Hz) ±3 %, ±2 digits, 100 Hz low pass
±3 %, ±2 digits, 398 Hz low pass
Display LCD, b&w, 128 x 64 pixel, backlight
3 peak values (x/y/z direction) or vector sum, main frequency, 50-lines FFT spectrum, battery status, date and time
Alarm warning and alarm LEDs next to the display
relay output (chargeover contact, max. 100V DC / 2 A)
GSM modem Quad band (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz) (optional)
SMS alarm function SMS notification when alarm is triggered
SMS contains x/y/z readings, frequency, date, and device name
Additional GSM functions Phone call with headset (optional VM40-HS adaptor) (optional)
Memory Built-in micro-SD card
Max. 100,000 readings (x/y/z, frequency, date, time, device name)
Analogue digital convertor 24 bit, sigma-delta
USB interface USB 2.0, CDC mode, via VM2x-USB cable
Battery NiMH, 4.8 V, charging time: 10 h
No battery power consumption when connected via USB (e.g. to an USB powerbank or a USB mains / AC adaptor)
Battery service life 5 … 15 days, depending on the temperature and duty cycle
Languages German, English
Temperature range -20°C … 60°C / -4°F … 140°F
Protection class IP 64
Dimensions 150 mm x 140 mm x 80 mm
/ 5.9 in x 5.5 in x 3.1 in
Weight 2 kg / 4.4 lbs
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